New Position and Trusting the Lord

Sometimes I wonder where in life am I going and if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. However, even in my wandering, I know without a shadow of a doubt the Lord is who guides my steps. I recently took a new job at a company called PureFun! Inc., and I had no intentions of making myself known to them. It didn't take long for some of the office staff to find out who I was because of an email I sent to the man that interviewed me (my email contains information about my book and music). After my second interview, I went for orientation. As I was waiting to meet with HR, a young lady came through the door excited to meet me,

"Hey, you're Juanton! I enjoyed listening to your music!"

That caught me off guard, but it was encouraging to hear that! I soon after went to meet with the HR lady, and she was excited to have me come on board with the "PureFun" team. As we started talking, I saw that she had many books in her room and asked if she liked to read. Excitingly she said "yes!" and mentioned to me that she had looked through my website and ordered two copies of the Left In America book! One copy for her, and the other for anyone who would like to read it.

She mentioned to me that every Wednesday they have a company meeting called "The Huddle," and she wanted to set up a time for me to share with everyone about my book and testimony. I told her that would be an exciting opportunity! And so it happened. On June 15th they scheduled me for the last 15 minutes, and I went on to share my life experiences as an immigrant in America, being left in America, and how "Left In America" came about. I showed them a couple of pictures of my family and let them know that last year in November 2015 was the first in over ten years my sister and I saw our parents. Afterwards, I had people thanking me for sharing my story, and others asked me about possibilities to share in other places.

As I said earlier, sometimes "I wonder," but God know the desires of my heart. As a young teenager I often thought, "there has to be so much more to life than what I see." I still do, and I press on.

-- Dream Big; Take Action