Treasured Moments

Words are a favorite for me, and I enjoy finding out their meaning. Every time I hear an unusual word, I look it up to see its definition. I remember carrying a dictionary my senior year at North Dallas High School. Now, all I do is ask google :). The word that has recently intrigued me the most is “Kairos.” Kairos is an ancient word deriving from the Greek language meaning “the right” or “opportune moment.” The work for the book Left In America began in 2012, and it was published summer 2015. I’ve learned that some things cannot be rushed; timing is key. I believe the book is out at its proper time with the whole issue of immigration in the United States. I treasure the moments I get to speak out about my life experiences as a Mexican immigrant growing up in Dallas, TX.

Eastfield was the third Dallas County Community College I spoke at as their Hispanic Heritage Month guest. I like to say the “third time was a charm.” After the first two speaking opportunities at El Centro and Richland in Dallas, I critiqued myself and made some adjustments for the stage. I realized how much I dislike standing behind podiums. I felt trapped! I even had to take off my sports coat to rap at Eastfield. Rapping involves a lot of hand motions, so I bet I looked silly at El Centro. I could barely move! I have always been an extrovert, so I enjoy being close to the crowd. That is why I got as close to the edge as I could!

I have presented my testimony plenty of times, but these past three opportunities have truly challenged me. I say challenged because I realize more and more that people think differently than I do; yet, I know there are many who think as I do. I know there is a difference between being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker. I want to be a peacemaker. A peacemaker fights to make peace while the peacekeeper tries to keep it by pleasing people. My thoughts are meant for peacemaking.

I shared my thoughts with the students and faculty about using their time to serve others. I also challenged them to think about their mindset, and to evaluate the community of people surrounding them. I by no means have life figured out, but what I do know, I intend to give. What I share are key points I have picked up on my life journey. When people come to me afterwards and tell me how encouraged they were, and when I see hope spark in their eyes, it blesses my heart. I know I was made for so much more than to live an ordinary life. You were made to live extraordinary. I believe we each have something to offer, and we will only go as far as our mindset goes. I refuse to live only to exist. Life is like a breath; it is here one moment and gone the next. I know this is only the beginning for me. I made a choice to press in no matter what happens. This is my Kairos moment. I treasure these moments and grow from my experiences. By the Lord’s grace I make progress.

I want to thank Eastfield again for the opportunity to speak, and I hope you were as blessed by us just like Left In America was by you!

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-- Dream Big; Take Action