Juan, a young 5-year-old boy, rode with his mother and two sisters in a packed van into the United States from Mexico to join his father who had been living and working in Texas for a few months. A number of events would affect this young boy’s life over the next 15 years.

Nine years after their arrival his father was arrested by U.S. authorities and deported to Mexico. A month later, his mother returned to Mexico to be with her husband and care for her sick father who was close to death. She took her two sons who had been born in Dallas and leaving Juan and his sister behind with a cousin.

Later that year, the cousin’s boyfriend kicked Juan out on the street for no reason leaving him to seek help in the area of East Dallas where he lived.

At the age of eighteen, Juan surrendered his life to the Lord and began pursuing Him. Soon, Juan realized he needed a place to spiritually mature. Help came through David Funke, Director of Dallas Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM had a building across the street from their main facility called “The Timothy House.” The Timothy House had four two-bedroom apartments. Seeing that Juan needed help, David moved him in with another young man giving him a place to grow in his relationship with the Lord.

Juan spiritually matured in his stay at YWAM and was a constant help by working with the YWAM volunteers who taught and served the younger children in the area.   

Juan attended public school and became proficient in the English language. Making good grades allowed him to attend  and graduate from Junior College.

During this time, Juan developed his musical talent. He performs at Churches and other events utilizing a form of Gospel Rap music incorporating songs he has written.   Juan’s music can be heard at: 


In June, 2015, Juan married Amy Mulloy and now lives in the Atlanta, GA area.   

In July, 2015, the book Left In America, The Story of Juan Terrazas was published.